Valentine's Day Movies For Him And For Her


Deciding which romantic movie to watch on the day of romance can be enough to ruin the entire day. There's no need to sweat over a simple movie to watch together, so we took the time to list the movies you both can enjoy for different reasons.

Here are the Valentine's Day movies everyone can fall in love with.

"Casablanca" (1942)

For her: This all-time classic, at its heart, is a love story. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman star in one of the most beloved love affairs in the history of film and shared one of the most memorable goodbyes ever. It's sure to dampen an eye or two.

For him: If any day of the year requires a positive male role model, it's Valentine's Day. Bogart will show you the ropes on how to woo women, smoke, and drink whiskey. We can't recommend the last two, but there's more than enough manliness to keep you interested if romance is not your thing.

"Vertigo" (1958)

For her: Could your relationship survive a maniacal plot to fake someone's death with the use of a look-alike and an ancestor's ghost? Probably not, so why not spend Valentine's Day watching the story of one that did? Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novac light up the screen as the most romantically obsessed couple of all time. Sure it's got a tragic ending, but who hasn't experienced a bad breakup?

For him: Maybe you don't tell her this, but this movie gets messed up. It might not have the gore of today's movies, but it goes to dark places that only a handful of movies are willing to go today.

"Princess Bride" (1987)

For her: This is the storybook love story you've grown up loving. It's got a prince and a princess, a forbidden and undying love. I'm swooning just writing about it. Of course, it will make for the perfect Valentine's Day movie. Hopefully, some of Westley will rub off on your guy, and soon he'll be responding, "As you wish."

For him: Despite how you may remember it from sleepovers when you were seven years-old, "The Princess Bride" is a hilarious movie. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn't find this movie in the least bit entertaining.

"True Romance" (1993)

For her: A hooker with a heart of gold takes up with a misunderstood loser, and the two quickly fall in love. What follows is a fast-paced and passionate romance, just like the rockstars from the sixties. Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on Alabama and Clarence. Plus, there's a nice little cameo from Brad Pitt.

For him: Alright, so Alabama and Clarence are both insane. Clarence takes advice from the imaginary figure of Elvis, and Alabama beats the ever-loving crap out of James Gandolfini as a mob tough guy. That's to be expected from Quentin Tarantino, who wrote the screenplay.

"Pride & Prejudice" (2005)

For her: You may think that by watching this you'll have won the discussion. Nothing is girlier than Jane Austen, right?

For him: Wrong. You may pretend to hate this one, but there is a lot for everyone to enjoy here. The 2005 adaptation with Keira Knightley features some of the cleverest dialogue in recent years, and Jane Austen wrote most of it in 1813.

"Drive" (2011)

For her: Ryan Gosling.

For him: Ryan Gosling. And elevator face-smashing.

What are you Valentine's Day movie recommendations? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!