'Brake' Exclusive Clip: Stephen Dorff's Moving Coffin

Did "Buried" not have enough movement for you? Was "24" too all over the place? In this Goldilocks scenario, "Brake" might be just right.

In the upcoming thriller, Stephen Dorff plays Jeremy, a recent secret service recruit who wakes up locked in a Plexiglass box in the back of a car. Without any clue as to why he's stuck in the box, Jeremy desperately tries to escape as a timer in front of him continues to count down.

We have an exclusive clip from "Brake," so check it out above.

During the course of the film, which plays out in real time, Jeremy must unravel the mystery from the inside of the box. Each clue reveals another layer to the puzzle, and unlike "Buried," the box moves throughout the movie and new threats enter each time the timer hits zero.

Where the "24" comparisons come in is when Jeremy finds out that there have been explosions all over Washington D.C. He holds a secret that the terrorists need in order to complete their plans. Jeremy knows the location of a secret rotating bunker called "Roulette." In order to save his own life, he'll have to sacrifice the leader of the free world or fight his way out.

"Brake" will be available on SundanceNOW, Cable VOD, Amazon Streaming, iTunes and XBox Zune starting on Friday (February 17), ahead of its limited theatrical release on March 23.

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