Reboot Suggestions For Michael Bay's 'Transformers 4'

Michael Bay is directing "Transformers 4," as MTV News exclusively reported on Monday (February 13). The next outing in the robots-in-disguise franchise won't make its way to theaters until the summer of 2014, however, leaving plenty of time for Bay to figure out the particulars of his developing reboot.

That also gives us plenty of time to speculate on the story for "Transformers 4." With that in mind, here are a few story ideas and casting suggestions for Bay and company to consider!

» Kill Sam Witwicky: Want to make it clear that "Transformers 4" is a reboot of the series? Take longtime lead Sam and let the Decepticons get the better of him. It'll be a shocking moment for fans of the films, and for those who didn't care for the first three, it'll signal a serious shift from everything that's come before.

» Stand By Statham: Those rumors about Jason Statham taking over the franchise? Make them come true. "Transformers" has no shortage of robot badasses at its disposal, but it couldn't hurt to add some ass-kickers of the flesh-and-blood variety. Statham would bring a very different energy to "Transformers" than LaBeouf. Heck, we even have some suggestions for Statham-led "Transformers" movies already!

» Go Haywire: On a related note, why not add another up-and-coming badass to the roster in the form of Gina Carano, the MMA icon who made her big screen debut in Steven Soderbergh's "Haywire." She's one of the most compelling action stars to enter the scene in recent times, and seeing her handle a big-budget blockbuster like "Transformers" alongside an equally awesome action hero like Statham would almost be more awesome than any one of us deserves.

» Go For Galvatron: Megatron has died twice now. Don't bring him back a third time — unless, of course, you're bringing him back as Galvatron, the Decepticon leader's new and improved persona he earns in the original "Transformers" cartoons. Original Galvatron actor Leonard Nimoy's voice has already been used for Sentinel Prime, sadly, but perhaps that presents an opportunity: Bay's Galvatron could be a fusion of the late Megatron and Sentinel Prime.

» Enter The Planet-Eater: Of course, there is no Galvatron without Unicron, the planet-sized transformer that regularly eats smaller planets for lunch. One of the most iconic and large-scale villains of "Transformers" lore, Unicron is the most obvious way to up the stakes after "Dark of the Moon." Whether alongside Galvatron or not, bringing Unicron in feels like the next natural step for this series.

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