See Michael Shannon's Best 'Take Shelter' Scene In Exclusive Featurette

Watching Michael Shannon play a potentially disturbed man in "Take Shelter" was one of the most harrowing movie-going experiences in 2011. In the film, he plays Curtis, a man who has apocalyptic visions and is unsure whether to take them seriously or not. Just to be safe, he begins to expand his family's tornado shelter, in order to protect his family.

The film's most frightening scene comes near the end of the film at a community fish fry, when a friend confronts Curtis about his strange behavior. Shannon erupts in fury in an unforgettable scene, made all the more real because the extras in the shot didn't know what was going to happen.

In this exclusive featurette from the upcoming DVD release of "Take Shelter," Shannon and his co-star Shea Whigham share their experiences filming the scene at a SAG foundation Q&A.

Shannon and Whigham have worked together before, including appearing as regulars on the HBO series "Boardwalk Empire," so the scene at the Tiger Club where Shannon has to emotional explode came as second nature to them. But for everyone else on set, it was a total shock.

"People had to leave. It was intense," explained Whigham during the Q&A.

Check out the exclusive featurette from "Take Shelter" above.

"Take Shelter" comes out on DVD on February 14.

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