Simon Pegg Hates 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace'

I enjoy "The Phantom Menace." I know I'm in a small club of people who don't think the first entry in the "Star Wars" prequel trilogy is wholesale trash. And I know it's an unpopular group to be a part of, but I stand by my membership. Sure, the first two hours are pretty much garbage, but then you get duel of the fates! Darth Maul with a double-edged lightsaber! It's so wonderful!

But Simon Pegg disagrees. He thinks there's nothing whatsoever to enjoy about "Phantom Menace." In the latest episode of After Hours, he does his best Red Letter Media impression and tears the 1999 "Star Wars" movie to shreds in a quick two-minute assault. It's hard to disagree with him on any of his points, really. But no amount of sense or logic will ever convince me that duel of the fates isn't awesome.

Hear all about Pegg's "Phantom Menace" vendetta in this week's After Hours.