Exclusive 'Safe' Photos Show Statham's Softer Side

It's never a good idea to come between Jason Statham and whatever he wants. In the case of "Safe," that's a young girl, who's wanted by the cops, the Russians and the Triads.

Yeah, they don't stand a chance.

In these exclusive photos from the upcoming action film, we get a look at Statham as Luke Wright, the former elite agent, who takes a special interest in protecting the young girl. Her photographic memory contains a series of numbers that every crooked organization in Manhattan wants to get their hands on.

From the looks of the trailer, "Safe" should fall right in line with everything fans of Statham have come to expect. There's the raspy-voiced seriousness, squinting and lots of punching. Lots and lots of punching.

"Safe" opens in theaters on April 27 and stars Jason Statham, Reggie Lee, James Hong and Chris Sarandon.

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