Five Franchises Dwayne Johnson Could Rock

Dwayne Johnson

These days, The Rock is cooking something a little different: money, and tons of it.

Every major studio is now privy to what was once just a whispered secret in the darkness: Dwayne Johnson saves franchises. He is the proverbial Luke to cinema's Princess Leia, and as he proved in "Fast Five," and hopes to carry on in "Journey 2," putting The Rock in what would otherwise have been a mediocre movie isn't such a bad idea.

In that spirit, here are five other franchises that we think Dwayne Johnson could bring back to life.

"Starship Troopers"

The first movie was and still is, classic, but the second, and even third (it’s real) are abominations and should be struck from the annals of history. What this franchise needs is a strong lead, somebody with a good sense of humor, but who can also bring the pain and man handle giant alien mandibles and tear space bugs limb from limb. Need I say more? With The Rock on board, the franchise would get all the money it could ever need to get back to its former Michael Ironside toting glory days.

"Independence Day"

"ID4" is one of those movies that never got the sequel it deserved. I mean c’mon, we all knew the “alien mothership” was just the scouting vessel. Those buggers now have probable cause to kick our asses, and a serious case of manifest destiny. Who better to save the Earth (and the franchise) than Dwayne Johnson? Who needs Will Smith when The Rock is just a phone call away?

"Tales From The Crypt"

Possibly the least known franchise on the list, but a source of two of the most awesome movies of my childhood, "Tales from The Crypt" has fallen off the map. This is the franchise that made Jada Pinkett’s career, and proved that super-soakers filled with holy water were the most efficient way to kill vampires. I want The Rock, with a twist (and some bleu cheese olives): let’s make him evil, super evil. He can be Billy Zane’s pissed off demon brother from “Demon Knight” (after all they are both bald, and tan) who has come to avenge himself upon Jada, and Willow, and Jaden. It would be awesome.


With “Transformers” waning, and “G.I. Joe 2” about to come out (and be awesome, by the way), now is the perfect time for what would be the best major motion picture Hasbro themed action movie cross over ever: G.I. Joe Vs. Transformers, with (you guessed it) The Rock reprising his role as Roadblock and hopefully living up to his name as he thwarts the Decepticons' plans.

"Back To The Future"

And finally, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get a new BTTF movie? Dwayne Johnson is just a normal cop, investigating the murder of none other than Doc Brown. Who could have done it? Why none other than the Doc’s evil younger son Verne who has decided to go mucking through time and changing the course of history. (It's actually believable; we only met him briefly, but we already know that Verne was a twisted kid.) The Rock is left with no choice but to travel back in time, and bend that little punk over and give him a stern butt smacking.

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