Oscars Skip Live Best Song Performances, Muppets In Mourning

The Muppets

Did you know "This Means War" could have had two different endings? Turns out McG toyed with the idea at one point. In other film news, Warner Bros. opens a new theater in Washington DC, Bret McKenzie laments not being able to perform at the Oscars and five new "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" images hit the web.

It's February 7, and you're tuning in to today's daily news round-up!

McG Considered Alternate "This Means War" Endings

Should Reese Witherspoon choose Tom Hardy or Chris Pine at the end of "This Means War"? Turns out there was once a potential reality where she wouldn't have had to make that decision. Movieline reports that, during a press day for the flick, director McG admitted that he almost released two different endings with Witherspoon choosing a different guy. We'd opt for option three, where the two men end up with one another. In other "War" news, the film has undergone yet another release date shift: instead of opening on Valentine's Day, it'll now only host previews on the holiday and will open wide on February 17.

Warner Bros. Opens New Theater In Washington, DC

DC residents, you're in luck! Warner Bros has opened a new theater at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in our nation's capitol, appropriately titled the Warner Bros. Theater. The cinema had its grand opening on Feb. 1, which included a ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication to Clint Eastwood for his contributions to American Cinema. There are several costumes on display there now that were worn by Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman and Eastwood, along with Harry Potter's robe.

Bret McKenzie To Smuggle A Muppet Into The Oscars

The Oscars are skipping the Best Song portion of the ceremony this year, which is a major bummer. With Bret McKenzie and "Man or Muppet" up for the award, that could have been an awesome show. "It's a shame," he told Badass Digest. "It would have been really fun to get a man and a Muppet up on that stage." Apparently McKenzie still plans to bring a Muppet to the show with him. You know, just in case.

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" Photos Look Awesome

Been craving more "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"? Well, you're in luck. Five new images have hit the web full of axe-swinging, vampire-stalking awesomeness. Entertainment Weekly premiered the photos and chatted with leading man Benjamin Walker, who promised that the movie will be everything you would expect from a film called "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." "The joke is in the title, and then we fully commit to it," he said.

Johnny Depp's Company Options West Memphis Three Memoir

The West Memphis Three murders is one of the hottest historical events floating around Hollywood right now. Johnny Depp is the latest talent to become involved in the story, as his production company Infinitum Nihil have optioned the memoir of convict Damien Echols. Deadline has learned that Depp has been interested in giving Echols' story the big screen treatment for a while now, though there is no comment on whether Depp would appear in the movie as well.

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