'Machete Kills' Again For Robert Rodriguez This Spring


If you loved Robert Rodriguez's 2010 action campfest, "Machete," you're in luck: Deadline reports that he's signed on for a sequel titled "Machete Kills," the second in a planned trilogy.

Star Danny Trejo is expected to return, as is most of the original cast. The first "Machete" made loads of money on a tiny budget -- with that type of financial payoff, what's the risk in returning to such a memorable world?

"The fan response to the Machete character has been fanatical since his first appearance,” Rodriguez said in the report. "Machete is truly a super hero and Machete Kills will be bigger and more ambitious than the first time."

What could the sequel entail? More of the same, basically. "The new film finds Machete recruited by the U.S. Government for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man," Deadline writes. "Machete must battle his way through Mexico to take down a madman cartel leader and an eccentric billionaire arms dealer who has hatched a plan to spread war across the planet with a weapon in space. Machete takes on an army in an effort to dismantle a plan for global anarchy." Stylized B-movie cheesiness is the best/only type of cheesiness, isn't it?

Previously, Rodriguez told us his plans for further "Machete" sequels, ambitious bordering on insanity if we're being honest. After the gun porn of "Machete Kills" gets made, he wants to take the franchise further for the hypothetically-titled "Machete Kills Again" -- to where no man has gone before, in fact.

"It is a space opera. It does take place in space. Machete has to go into space," he said during last year's San Diego Comic-Con. "It's so absurd but it makes sense. You've got to go somewhere new in a third part — why not go into space? It's going to be so fun. It's played straight. Remember 'Moonraker'? It's going to be like 'Machete' and 'Moonraker.'"

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