'Battleship' Super Bowl Ad Unveils Humanoid Aliens

The team behind "Battleship" certainly saved the best for the Super Bowl.

The upcoming alien invasion flick's Super Bowl TV spot unveiled one of the components of the movie that has me most intrigued: the aliens. While they have been teased in previous trailers, this spot really put the extraterrestrials in the forefront, and I was a bit surprised by how they ended up looking.

The aliens themselves look like something out of "Halo" with their armored suits and advanced weaponry. Though that form of the "Battleship" baddies was teased in the last trailer for the film, this time around we also get to see them without their armor. It looks like these extraterrestrials are humanoid in form, albeit with larger-than-average, three-fingered hands and cat-like eyes. Still, they don't seem to be as alien as we could have imagined.

I must admit, I was a bit surprised the aliens ended up being put at the forefront. The first trailer for the project made them seem like they would be kept a mystery, but there is nothing mysterious about this new TV spot. It could be that we're supposed to be curious about why the aliens have invaded Earth, but based on their offensive behavior I'd just assumed it's because they could.

Either way, it seems safe to assume that no one quite dreamed up this outcome when they were playing "Battleship" as a kid. Except for those spinning, animal-like spiked aliens with the tails. Those are freaking awesome.

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