Five Reasons To See 'The Woman In Black'

The Woman in Black

"The Woman in Black" is more than just a horror film that brings a ghostly chill into February. It marks a big revival for Hammer Films, as well as big opening weekend and hopefully, once word starts spreading, will continue to draw more audiences who want to find out the secret of the woman in black. The thrills and reveals were certainly enough to make us jump out of our seats many times.

So without further ado, here are five reasons you should go see "The Woman in Black" if you haven't already.


First and foremost, "The Woman in Black" is scary. It's the type of horror film that builds and builds and builds suspense for much of the flick until it finally pays off in the second half of the movie, and that suspense is orchestrated very well. That can rest largely on the shoulders of Radcliffe, whose character Arthur Kipps finds himself often face-to-face (or rather, back-of-the-head-to-face) with the flick's titular ghost, as well as director James Watkins. And what's nice is the movie doesn't need to resort to gross-out horror or CGI-heavy effects to do so.


There's a place for every type of horror film -- even torture porn -- but what makes "The Woman in Black" feel like such a breath of fresh air is that it marks a return to the gothic ghost horror genre. Much like the return of Hammer Films, the British film company helped produce the movie, "The Woman in Black" ditches more modern approaches to horror filmmaking to focus instead on building the suspense to the second act. Of course, there are a couple red herrings -- or a black raven or two, in this case -- thrown in to cause you to jump out of your seat, but we'd take that over "The Human Centipede" any day.


And that brings us to our third point: this is a classic ghost story in every sense of the word. Needless to say, the titular woman in black is haunting the tiny British town Arthur Kipps finds himself in for a pretty justifiable reason, and he takes it upon himself to solve her mystery and try to prevent her from causing further mayhem. You'll have to check out the movie yourself to find out if he succeeds.

The "Potter" Connection

It's impossible to go into "The Woman in Black" and not be intrigued to see what performance Radcliffe can give without Harry Potter's scar branding his forehead. The 22-year-old single-handedly carries much of "The Woman in Black," and does so well. Though the focus of the flick is more on its mystery than its stars, "The Woman in Black" offers Radcliffe a good opportunity to showcase that he's more than just the Boy Who Lived, and it's clear he took a lot of time picking out a project that was close to his heart.

Daniel Radcliffe, Father

Then again, it is a shocking transition to be so used to seeing Daniel Radcliffe, teenage wunderkind, and then suddenly be asked to buy Daniel Radcliffe, father of a three-year-old. It's a testament to his acting ability that he manages to pull it off pretty well, though I'm holding fast to the theory that I bought Radcliffe as an adult mostly because of his ability to grow facial hair. It's pretty convincing.

Are you planning on checking out "The Woman in Black"? If you've already seen it, then what did you think? Tell us in the comments section below or on Twitter!