Harrison Ford Up For 'Blade Runner' Sequel?

Harrison FordFilm geek scoop of the day: Harrison Ford is apparently in early talks to appear in Ridley Scott's new "Blade Runner" movie.

One imagines he would be back as the iconic Rick Deckard, though, of course, that's mere speculation at this point. A "Blade Runner" sequel is at least two years away from coming to fruition, and nothing has been set in stone, including Ford's possible casting.

But if he is involved in Scott's new take on the "Blade Runner" universe, then there's a lot of ways it could play out.

First off: Is Deckard a replicant, or is he not? Purveyors of all 27 director's and producer's cuts will be aware of the long running discussion, sparked by Scott and Ford's "is he or isn't he" flip-flopping through decades of interviews, commentaries, and sly asides. If Ford shows up as an older, grey-haired Deckard, that would seem to suggest no; after all, replicants can't age and have a limited life span, as established in the original "Blade Runner."

Or not. What if replicants can in fact age, despite earlier testimony? That would raise a whole new batch of questions related to "Blade Runner"'s ongoing soul-searching regarding the nature of humanity. With the next stage of humanity so refined, what would that mean for the previous model?

It wouldn't have to get that heavy, either -- we could just be introduced to a by-the-numbers conspiracy involving members of Congress who turn out to be replicants, or something. A ripoff of the Cylon plot from "Battlestar Galactica," because it worked so well before. But knowing Scott and Ford and the "Blade Runner" pedigree, that would be unlikely.

In the other direction, Deckard could just be a typically aged human being, fat on his days of being a detective and fighting the good fight against those stinking robots. He'd show up to offer our new protagonist a word of advice, or maybe a bad one. The Guardian mentions that Ford would play a "replicant nemesis," so it might not be all hunky dory in the Runner-verse. A villainous Deckard might be better than no Deckard at all, if Scott is intent on building upon his arguably greatest film.

Again, talks are still early and the whole project could fall apart well before a planned 2014 release date. But let's hope not -- if early returns on "Prometheus" are indication, Scott still has a lot of gas left in the tank, and Ford is as good as his director.

Does "Blade Runner" still interest Harrison Ford?

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