'John Carter' Featurette Loaded With New Footage

John Carter

"John Carter" gets a brand new featurette filled to the brim with plenty of new footage for fans to pore over. Meanwhile, Marty McFly could dance his way to Broadway, Jean Dujardin got in some trouble for racy French ads and "Avatar 2" might be filming down under.

It's February 2, and you're here for today's daily news round-up.

New "John Carter" Featurette

A new featurette has premiered for "John Carter." The video is loaded with plenty of new footage, including some rare chances to hear the characters speak (the previous trailers have placed the emphasis on special effects). It's nice to see Taylor Kitsch get brought down a notch by the badass princess being played by Lynn Collins!

Could "Back To The Future" Get A Broadway Show?

It will if Robert Zemeckis has anything to say about it. Deadline is reporting that he is in talks with co-writer Bob Gale and original composer Alan Silvestri to see if they can find a way to transfer the beloved tale to the Broadway stage. We are obsessing over the idea of being able to see Marty McFly close out the show with a live performance of "Johnny B. Goode."

France Says Jean Dujardin Is Inappropriate In New Ads

Apparently the ad campaign for the Jean Dujardin-starring French flick "The Players" is a bit too raunchy. The Hollywood Reporter details the situation and explains how the ARPP, France's authority for the professional regulation of advertising, has decided that the posters for the flick violate their rules. It's funny -- those ads would probably fly over here!

Matt Damon And John Krasinski's Movie Finally Has A Title

The movie that was supposed to be Matt Damon's directorial debut (Gus Van Sant is helming it instead) has finally got a title! According to a Deadline story, the flick is now called "Promised Land." And it's officially an indie, as Focus Features and Participant Media just purchased it.

"Avatar" Sequels To Film In New Zealand?

James Cameron and Peter Jackson are soon going to be neighbors. The "Avatar" director just purchased about 2,470 acres of farmland near the New Zealand capital of Wellington, according to Reuters. Although it is reported that he and his family will be moving to New Zealand to "reside indefinitely," this news fuels rumors that he will be shooting his upcoming "Avatar" sequels in that country.

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