'7500' Trailer: Ghosts (Or Something) On A Plane

Up in the sky! It's a plane! It's a supernatural forces on a plane! It's Flight 7500!

The new trailer for the upcoming horror film "7500" shows something systematically terrorizing the passengers on a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Check out the trailer above and learn more about whatever might be eating Jamie Chung after the jump!

After viewing the trailer, two major questions remain unclear. First off, we have no idea what's causing all the trouble on the plane. It could really be anything from the world of horror movies. The little we see from the trailer leads us to believe that a ghost may be responsible, but then there's that mysterious man and the wooden box stowed safely under the seat in front of him.

Secondly, what's Turtle from "Entourage" doing on that flight without the boys? My theory: the ghost of Jerry Ferrara's extra belly weight has come back to haunt its former host. It's as sound a theory as any other, and I have little else to go on.

A third scenario could be a possible ghostly demon, along the lines of what we've seen in the "Paranormal Activity" movies. The mysterious box definitely has the look of something that could house a demon. Then again, everyone knows that a demonic presence would never make it past the TSA.

"7500" hits theaters on August 31 and stars Leslie Bibb, Jamie Chung, Ryan Kwanten and Amy Smart.

What did you think of the trailer for "7500"? What's in the box? WHAT'S IN THE BOX?! Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!