First 'Skyfall' Photo: Daniel Craig Makes The Bond

by Marvin Van Buren

Finally, an official image of Daniel Craig as James Bond in “Skyfall” – with a gun, no less!


Following the early "Skyfall" leak of Bond sitting by a swimming pool, this new (and official) shot features Agent 007 wielding a firearm and presumably avoiding detection of his enemies. If this photo doesn't get you excited for the film… well, we're looking at different photos!

Since production began on “Skyfall,” there haven't been many substantial updates on the film. Of course there has been casting news of villains as well as vague plot details, but little else in recent weeks. In other words, this photo represents a product of a long process. “Skyfall” has been stuck in development hell for many years, and now, acclaimed director Sam Mendes (“Jarhead” and “Road to Perdition") is finally getting his chance to prove his weight in super-spy gold behind the camera.

True, many fans and critics did not favor “Quantum of Solace” as a worthy addition to the James Bond universe. But if any director can revive the true essence of what a James Bond movie is, it’s Mendes.

"Skyfall" marks the third time Daniel Craig has taken on the iconic role of agent 007. The first time was in the 2006 adaptation of “Casino Royale,” and in 2008 Craig returned for “Quantum of Solace." After a hiatus from the role and a slew of other film projects, Craig is once again back in action as Bond. It’s been a long wait, but we're sure it'll be well worth it once this action blockbuster hits screens in November 2012.

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