'Arrested Development' Scripts Are Being Written, Team Has Offices

There are official "Arrested Development" offices set up. The cast and crew have parking spaces. According to writer Dean Lorey, "we're really doing this thing."

"This thing" of course refers to the planned 10-episode-into-a-movie "Arrested Development" project that Netflix agreed to finance last year. Lorey took to his blog to say that he and fellow writers Mitch Hurwitz and Jim Vallely are currently writing the new season of "Arrested Development" which is set to premiere on Netflix in 2013. And that's the best news we've heard in a long time.

Rumors of a post-series movie were sparked almost immediately after the TV show ended its run in 2006. It's taken six years, but now the full cast is on board and planning on filming the additional content over the summer. According to Hurwitz, who is the show's creator, the 10-episode series will catch audiences up-to-date on what the Bluth family has been up to over the past half a decade and will act as a lead-up to the feature film.

MTV News caught up with two of "Arrested Development's" younger cast member while they were promoting movies at the Sundance Film Festival. Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat both shot to fame through their roles in "Arrested Development," and both expressed a certain amount of disbelief about the prospect of returning to set.

"It's hard to be excited, because I don't feel any progress day to day," Cera said, adding he believes shooting will start in the summer. "But I'm sure it's happening. I think it's just out of my realm of awareness. I'll be happy when we're on set doing it."

Shawkat was a bit more optimistic about the project, though she's just as out of the loop.

"They're writing it now, though we haven't seen any scripts yet, but we're all game," she said. "It's been kind of following me around like a very attractive albatross. But now it's hopefully going to happen. It would be very exciting."

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