Oscar Isaac: 'Bourne Legacy' Star Jeremy Renner Is The Real Deal

Oscar Isaac

Oscar Isaac is prepping for one very awesome 2012. His Madonna-directed film, “W.E.,” opens next week and he’s about to start filming the Coen Brothers' next project, “Inside Llewyn Davis,” where he plays the title character.

And in a sea of complicated and unusual projects, Oscar is also set to star in the Bourne franchise reboot, “The Bourne Legacy,” alongside choice talent like Jeremy Renner (oh, you know, the new Matt Damon), Ed Norton, Rachel Weisz and Joan Allen.

When MTV News recently caught up with the actor at the premiere for “W.E.” in New York City, he seemed genuinely excited for the highly anticipated "Bourne" reboot, set to hit a cineplex near you this August.

“I haven’t seen [any footage yet],” he said with a good laugh. “Oh yeah [I’m excited]. It’s gonna be incredible. [Director] Tony Gilroy is the man, amazing, and Jeremy is such a great guy.”

Renner will famously fill the void left vacant by Damon’s departure from the long-running franchise, as a new character -- Aaron Cross -- who coexists in the same universe as super spy Jason Bourne. And, for anyone who might have reservations that Renner isn't the right man to star in the newly imagined “Bourne” flicks, Isaac believes you should think again.

“I mean he’s the real thing,” he assured us. “I would not screw with him.”

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