'Cold Light Of Day' Trailer: Henry Cavill Leaps, Bruce Willis Gets Paid

Cavill Cold Light

Despite how the trailer for "The Cold Light of Day" starts, the movie isn't actually about Bruce Willis and Henry Cavill as a supportive father-son team, who enjoy a nice family vacation, yachting around the world and having a good old time.

Turns out that daddy was in the CIA, and he didn't tell his family, including his son, until it was too late.

Check out the "Cold Light of Day" trailer after the jump!

"The Cold Light of Day" follows Cavill's character as he fights his way through Spain to fix the mess his father left for him and to save his family from their captors.

The trailer offers a cool look at Cavill's action chops in a pre-"Man of Steel" movie. There's even a scene of him leaping building to building. It's not quite leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but 2013 is a long ways away.

Also, has anyone else noticed that Bruce Willis seems to have a clause in all his contracts that stipulates that he'll work on a film for one day and no more? SPOILERS, I guess, but it looks like Willis is going to bite the dust pretty soon after revealing his secrets to Cavill. END SPOILERS. That's not a bad arrangement by any means.

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