Five Reasons To See 'The Grey'

Liam Neeson rejoins his "A-Team" director Joe Carnahan for the man-versus-nature thriller "The Grey," in theaters today (January 27). The ads might have you thinking it's nothing but wolf punching, but there's a lot more going on.

Here are our five reasons to brave the winter weather and go see "The Grey."

1. Liam the Badass is Back

Neeson seems to specialize in "Tough Guy In Charge" roles, and there aren't many characters more badass than John Ottway, an oil-rig employee who leads a rough band of plane crash survivors through the wilds of Alaska. Neeson is believable as the stern but caring father figure, who tries to keep his co-workers alive, and when he stares down those angry wolves, you don’t doubt that he can take them on with his bare hands.

2. The Supporting Cast is Super-Cool

Carnahan picked several talented but not quite famous actors to fill out his cast, and the choices pay off. Accompanying Neeson through the wilderness is a sturdy group of actors including Frank Grillo (“Warrior”), Dallas Roberts (“3:10 To Yuma” and TV’s “The Good Wife”) and a bearded, bespectacled Dermot Mulroney (“J. Edgar” and one of my personal faves, “My Best Friend’s Wedding”).

3. There’s Stuff to Think About

“The Grey” is not simply a horror/action flick featuring man-eating wolves. The film touches on some very deep, thought-provoking subjects like faith, death, loss and humanity’s place in nature. It’s a smart movie, as well as an entertaining one.

4. It’s Darn Pretty

Shot on location in British Columbia, Canada, “The Grey” is beautiful to behold. Grand mountains, lush forests, clear lakes—if this is what middle-of-nowhere Alaska is truly like, I wouldn’t mind hanging out there for a while. Except for the fact that…

5. The Snow is Real

No matter how uncomfortably cold you are this winter, it can’t touch the agonizing experience endured by the cast and crew of “The Grey.” With temperatures well-below zero and wind speeds up to 90 miles an hour, the conditions on set were unforgiving, to say the least. These dedicated actors and crewmembers suffered for YOU, dear reader, so you owe it to them to see this movie.

Are you going to see "The Grey" this weekend? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter!