Aubrey Plaza Had 'Delicious' Bill Murray 'Experience' On 'Charles Swan' Set

A glimpse inside the mind of "Charles Swan" will yield some interesting results. You'll hear a lot about tiger blood, undoubtedly. And if you run into Bill Murray, you might walk away pregnant.

Aubrey Plaza, recently at Sundance for her time-travel comedy "Safety Not Guaranteed," spoke with MTV News this week about starring opposite Murray and Charlie Sheen in "A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III," an experience she clearly enjoyed... perhaps a little bit too much.

"I did actually," Plaza deadpanned when asked if she got an authentic "Bill Murray experience" on the "Charles Swan" set. "We had an experience that in nine months, the world will be a part of."

"Wait a second, Aubrey Plaza is pregnant with Bill Murray's baby," Plaza's "Safety" costar Jake Johnson reacted with feigned shock.

"Excuse me — Jodi, my publicist!" Plaza called out, before making a plea to the camera. "Bill, I'm sorry. We'll talk about this later."

Maybe-probably-not Murray babies aside, Plaza said she had a great time shooting "Charles Swan." Indeed, her description of the movie has us pretty psyched as well.

"I saw some scenes from it recently. It's pretty delicious," she said. "You've got Charlie Sheen being crazy. Bill Murray is in it. Jason Schwartzman is playing a standup comedian and he has a full beard and he's amazing. It's a really, really playful, fun movie set kind of in the '70s — in a fantasy version of the '70s — and everything looks amazing. [Director Roman Coppola] has such a unique voice. He's an amazing director. And Charlie is an amazing actor. I think it's going to be really good."

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