Ferris Bueller Lives In Super Bowl Teaser!

Ferris Bueller Super Bowl

Do you like a little nostalgia with your pigskin? A new teaser for a Super Bowl ad will most likely have you singing "Oh Yeah" and jumping over fences in slow motion.

A mysterious YouTube user, "chuckachucka2012," uploaded a ten-second preview of a Super Bowl ad featuring Matthew Broderick as his most iconic character, Ferris Bueller.

Dressed in a bathrobe, Ferris throws open the curtains and asks the camera in his signature style, "How can I handle work on a day like today?"

Check out the ad after the jump!

That's all we get. There is no other information other than a "2.5.12," the date of the big game when the Giants of New York take on the Patriots of New England. The video's details make no mention of the company behind the ad nor what they plan on selling. As of now, the spot is a complete mystery.

What the teaser leads us to believe is that while young Ferris has grown older, he certainly hasn't grown up and his days of playing hooky by no means over. It could also just be Matthew Broderick playing himself in a Ferris-like manner, which would suck and is something I won't even consider here.

If it is Ferris, the spot leaves so many questions unanswered. Did Ferris marry Sloane? What's Cameron up to and did his dad actually kill him over the Ferrari? Alan Ruck isn't doing much. Perhaps he has a boss like Ed Rooney who's trying to bust him.

Whatever the case may be, what we take away from the spot is that it took a total of 10 seconds to absolutely convince us that if any '80s classic deserves a sequel, it's "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." There's no replacing John Hughes, but Ferris' character and the themes from the original kind of force you to wonder, "Whatever happened to that kid?"

If the Super Bowl gives us even a taste of would that would be like without being too unabashedly commercial, we have at least one ad we're really looking forward to come February 5.

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