'Game Of Thrones' Season Two Has 'A Fair Amount' Of Dragons Says Emilia Clarke

For all of our fellow "Game Of Thrones" fans, that April 1 season two premiere date just can't come soon enough. What is going to happen in Westeros?!? Which beloved characters will live and die this time around?!? And while those of us who've read the books know a few answers to those questions, you never know when we'll get thrown a curveball.

Nevertheless, we've started to get some pretty good teases about what's going down in the upcoming season: Cersei's losing her mind, Tyrion is going into battle and now thanks to a recent chat with Emilia Clarke, we have some news of... dragons.

"You're going to see a fair amount of them I think," Clarke told us of how much we'll see her character's new "children." "They're my three little new cast members."

Three new cast members that we are totally psyched about. Who doesn't love dragons? Particularly when they are given the George R.R. Martin and HBO treatment, we know it will all be awesome. We then asked Clarke what she's given to work with prop-wise for the three young critters or if they're considering animatronics.

"We have models that I get to do camera rehearsals with and then there's nothing and I just have to kind of [imagine them]," she explained. "I was holding a little stuffy toy [at one point], that was about it."

The dragons are just a small part of the action for Daenerys Targaryen this season though.

"She goes through another different stage I think, kind of coming to the realization of what she's up against and that she's definitely in a man's world," Clarke explained of her character's arc. "So it's interesting."

With regard to the slew of new cast members who have been added to the mix, Clarke would only hint at their impact.

"We have a few new players, there are some interesting ones that kind of make an appearance," she said with a knowing smile.

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