Lily Collins Drops Out Of 'Evil Dead' Remake

Lily Collins

Bad news, "Evil Dead" fans. It seems as though the upcoming reboot has lost the one actress who was actually attached to the project.

Lily Collins has apparently dropped out of the Fede Alvarez-directed flick. The Hollywood Reporter is saying that the "Mirror Mirror" lead opted not to follow through with the upcoming horror film due to "scheduling issues." While there are several other main characters left to be cast, Collins was the only person currently attached to the project.

It wasn't too long ago that Collins first entered discussions for "Evil Dead." Her potential involvement was announced in early January, where it was said that she would play a female version of Bruce Campbell's character in the original flick. That role, Mia, would be the main character in this new take on the horror film franchise.

This new "Evil Dead" is going to take a bit of a different tone than Sam Raimi's original cult classic. A spoiler-filled synopsis was released in early December courtesy of Moviehole. "The redo plays it a lot more serious. These aren’t cartoonish heroes like Bruce Campbell’s Ash was in the original films, these are real folks with real world problems. And by golly are they in for some scary — not at all amusing s---," the breakdown began.

"Young Adult" scribe Diablo Cody was brought on board the project to offer some script rewrites a few months back. She caught up with MTV News to explain the connection this movie will have with the original.

"It was really important again to the filmmakers that it remain totally grounded in reality and timeless. They weren't trying to make some hip trendy horror movie full of pop culture references. I really hope people don't think that that's what I was hired to do," Cody said. "I came in and worked on characters and relationships, things like that."

"Evil Dead" is due out in theaters on April 12, 2013.

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