Demi Moore Drops Out Of 'Lovelace': What Does This Mean For Her Career?

Demi Moore

It's been a rough year for Demi Moore. Her highly publicized split with husband Ashton Kutcher following his cheating scandal led to a dramatic weight loss that received plenty of media press. After many months of the public focusing on her impending divorce, it seemed as though things were looking up for the 49-year-old actress when she signed on to the upcoming film "Lovelace," which stars Amanda Seyfried and Peter Saarsgard. But after being hospitalized on Monday for exhaustion and since being checked into rehab, it turns out that she won't be a part of the movie after all.

Moore's representative confirmed to People that she will no longer be playing female rights activist Gloria Steinem in the upcoming movie. This was the only upcoming movie on Moore's slate. So what does this mean for her film career?

It's unclear just how big a part the Steinem role is in "Lovelace." Other than the fact that she'd be playing the feminist hero, much of the revealed plot of the movie has confirmed it's mainly about Lovelace filming her most famous pornographic film, "Deep Throat," with her husband Chuck Traynor. ThinkProgress.Org suggests that Steinem's role in the feature could be pegged around her 1980 Ms. Magazine piece "The Real Linda Lovelace." Their guess is that "Lovelace" will use that article as a framing device for the movie.

This definitely would have been interesting and potentially revitalizing career choice for Moore. She has been working consistently over the past few years, but hasn't been in any projects that were necessarily well-known by a nationwide audience. Her upcoming movie "LOL" might help restore her public image as an actress. (It stars Miley Cyrus, after all.) "Lovelace" is shaping up to be the frontrunner in the race to make a Linda Lovelace biopic (there's also Malin Akerman's "Inferno"), so it could have earned Moore some media attention for her acting instead of personal life for the first time in a while.

It seems as though Moore could definitely use the break from work right now, but we'd be lying if we said we hadn't been excited for her participation in this movie. Other than roles in "Margin Call" and "Bunraku," Moore hasn't really splashed on our radar in a while. In fact, it can be argued that "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" was her last out-right mainstream film role, and that was released in 2003.

While we aren't saying "Lovelace" would have necessarily changed that, it was nice to sense that Moore was focusing on acting again. Now it seems unclear when she'll be getting back in the Hollywood game.

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