'Django Unchained' Might Feature Contemporary Music, Sounds Awesome

Django Unchained Tarantino

Waiting for a movie you're highly anticipating can be hard, but it can be tortuous when it's Quentin Tarantino's so-called southern, "Django Unchained." With little else known about the film besides its plot and cast, even the smallest scoop of non-news becomes an essential story.

The LA Times recently posted a story about movie ranches in Santa Clarita, California. The area has recently seen a uptick in productions, one of which is "Django." The writer visited one of the sets during a filming day and got quick throwaway quote from Tarantino himself.

"It's a blast shooting here," Tarantino said in a break from shooting. "Most other western towns look like dollhouses. This has the complete look. It’s fantastic."

Good, Tarantino likes where he's shooting. The juiciest part of the set visit, however, was a seemingly minor detail about what the article's writer heard while on set.

On a cold, wet afternoon two cowboys trudge across a muddy street in a western town carrying saddles on their backs as a loud speaker blasts Jim Croce’s hit song "I Got A Name."

The "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" singer doesn't exactly fit in with the pre-Civil War setting of "Django," so we'd have to think is another artistic flourish on the part of Tarantino. The last time he added an anachronistic tune on his soundtrack, we ended up with the incredible "Cat People" sequence from "Inglourious Basterds."

My suggestion to you is to go listen to "I Got A Name" and picture Jamie Foxx and Christoph Waltz walking down an Old West street with that song blaring. If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, I'd question your Taratino fandom.

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