Aaron Paul Thinks 'Die Hard' Rumors Are 'Great'

Aaron Paul is no stranger to playing second fiddle to badass bald dudes. If you haven't seen him work his magic as meth cook apprentice Jesse Pinkman on "Breaking Bad," you're seriously missing out. He can cook, he can shoot, and he can call you "bitch" better than most.

It's all of these reasons (and more) that we were so pumped to hear Paul's name in the mix for "A Good Day to Die Hard," the upcoming fifth entry in the Bruce Willis-starring "Die Hard" franchise. According to reports, Paul is one of a small handful of actors being considered for the role of John McClane's son, all grown up now and ready to kick terrorist tail alongside his pops.

We spoke with Paul at the Sundance Film Festival and asked him about the "Die Hard" rumors, though like a true McClane, he wouldn't buckle under our pressure.

"I mean, who knows," he said, suddenly growing very cagey. "There are so many rumors out there, you know?"

Paul was at Sundance this year to promote his new movie "Smashed," which he stars in opposite Mary Elizabeth Winstead — herself a "Die Hard" veteran, having played McClane's daughter in the last round. Paul admitted it would be a "strange" coincidence if he ended up receiving the baton from Winstead, but he still only spoke about the possibility as a hypothetical.

"I think it'd be great," said Paul. "I mean, every one of those movies does so well and they're always so much fun to watch. Who doesn't want to run around and shoot machine guns and jump out of helicopters with Bruce Willis?"

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