Jonathan Demme Gearing Up 'Fabulous' Stephen King Adaptation

Murderous hotels, bowel-born aliens, dimension-hopping gunslingers… when you think about all of those things, Stephen King's latest crazy idea — sending a man back through time to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy — doesn't seem too out there.

Nevertheless, King's recent novel "11.22.63" is the latest of the author's many works to undergo the film adaptation treatment. King, already having had his books taken to the screen by the likes of Stanley Kubrick and Frank Darabont, will next team with director Jonathan Demme for the live-action take on "11.22.63," and the filmmaker himself is already knee-deep in the writing stage.

"I'm adapting Stephen King's book," Demme told MTV News in Park City, UT over the weekend, where he was promoting the Slamdance debut of his "Neil Young Journeys" documentary. "I'm on the screenplay for it right now."

"It's a time travel story," he said of the plot. "Somebody from the 20th century gets a window back to the past and they go back with the goal of trying to prevent the assassination of JFK. It's an extraordinary thriller. It's a great love story, also. It's a fabulous book."

Demme doesn't have a time-table on when the movie might start shooting — "First I have to get the script finished," he said, "and it's going really well" — but he did say that he feels more than a little bit privileged to be working with King after working with another American icon in Young.

"Sitting here with Neil Young, and working with Stephen King — these are two great American storytellers who use different mediums," he said.

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