'Prometheus' International Poster Looks Very Familiar

A new international poster for "Prometheus" has been released, but for those of you hoping it would give some insights into the movie's many mysteries, it's a little bit of a letdown. This is pretty much the same poster as the one released in the United States, albeit showing a bit more of that giant stone head that we've seen floating around in the promotional material.

AllNewz, an Italian news site, has the poster. At least what we can take away from the consistency between these two posters is that the big head will have a major role to play in the movie.

Check out the new international poster for "Prometheus" after the jump.

So is "Prometheus" an "Alien" prequel or isn't it? If there's anything we've learned in the months leading up to the flick's June 8 release is that we're not going to find out beforehand. The basic plot of the movie says that it's about a team of scientists and explorers who set out to find answers to "life's ultimate mystery," and end up finding what "could be our end" instead.

Prometheus International

Screenwriter Damon Lindelof continued to tease the is-it-or-isn't-it nature of the movie in a recent interview. Ultimately, he said that fans can take the promotion of the movie to either imply that it's a prequel or that it stands on its own.

"I wish that we didn’t have to be so mysterious about it but mystery can be a good thing as long as you’ve got the goods to back it up," he said. "In this case, when the movie arrives, one of the most visionary filmmakers in the history of cinema will be putting his cards on the table and I’m just kind of standing behind him with my arms folded.”

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