'Wish You Were Here' Presents A Killer 'Hangover'

Despite what you may have learned from the "Hangover" films, endless nights of drunken debauchery don't always result in hilarious misadventures. In fact, the results can quite often be very tragic and very dangerous, as is the case in the Sundance Film Festival drama "Wish You Were Here," starring Joel Edgerton and Teresa Palmer.

"It's [about] four people going to Cambodia on a holiday. Three of them come home," Edgerton told MTV News about the film's premise. "The film is told in Sydney in forward time, then you're going backwards to pick up traces and flashes of evidence of what really went down."

Edgerton and Palmer both agree that there are no traces of "The Hangover" in "Wish You Were Here," especially because their film doesn't feature a chain-smoking monkey, or Bradley Cooper for that matter.

"That's rare these days," Edgerton cracked about the "Hangover" star's frequent screen presence. "And I'd say that if he were here, too!"

Instead, "Wish You Were Here" is an intense drama that's received equally passionate praise from Sundance attendees. Edgerton credits the success of the film, at least in part, to the blending of different genres.

"It's a taut thriller with an interesting relationship drama in it," he said. "But really, it's encased in a thriller. I think we made a successful job of it."

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