Sundance Today: Snow, Snow And More Snow

Game of Thrones

Snow. I hate snow.

Perhaps hate is a strong word, but make no mistake, the blizzard like conditions that have afflicted Park City in the past two days have made the Sundance Film Festival an unwieldy beast to tame. Bus operations have been wrecked. Traveling on foot without boots has become damn near impossible — a problem for me, considering I left my boots at home, banking on getting some spiffy new foot gear at one of the festival's many swag spots. Rookie move, folks.

Still, despite the fact that it looks like we're North of the Wall in the Lands of Always Winter, we push on. There are movies to see, talent to interview, and pizza tacos to consume. No amount of snow will stand between us and cinematic victory.

Today's agenda is no less packed than our previous days at Sundance. We're making "Something From Nothing" with Ice T. We're going to enjoy our "First Time" with Victoria Justice. We'll interview Jon Heder and Paul Dano "For Ellen." We're even going to spend some time with "Robot and Frank." It's an eclectic assortment of talent coming through the MTV Movies base camp set up at the Puma Social Club, to say the least.

With any luck, there will be time for me to pick up some boots as well. Because, seriously guys. There is just no walking in this snow without the right equipment. Future Sundance kids, learn a lesson from my mistake: never bank on swag, and always pack boots.

Anyway... just like Farva's suspension, our journey through Sundance continues. Keep tuning into MTV Movies for more updates as they come.

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