'Maniac' Shot Entirely From Elijah Wood's Perspective

Elijah Wood is well accustomed to getting his crazy on. Please see his disturbing turn as feel-no-pain and claw-all-limbs-off serial killer Kevin in "Sin City" for more, or check out his dog-talking ways on "Wilfred" for further reference.

But when it comes to his work in the upcoming remake of "Maniac," Wood's brand of insanity falls more in line with the murderous Kevin than the comparatively sane Ryan Newman. Wood stars in the updated version of the 1980 horror film as Frank Zito, a New York City loner who serves as landlord of a small apartment complex by day and stalks the streets to kill women by night.

Wood's turn as Zito is bound to be very different from the late Joe Spinell's cult classic version of the character, not just because of their physical differences, but also because director Alejandre Aja has apparently opted to shoot "Maniac" entirely from Wood's own perspective.

"[It's] entirely in POV," Wood revealed to MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival, where he's busy promoting "Celeste And Jesse Forever." "You only ever see me in reflections and occasionally there are out-of-body experiences where you see more of me."

Wood added that while he's not a fan of remakes in general, it was the "very different approach" that Aja has taken to this version of "Maniac" that made him bite.

"I normally don't love the notion of remakes," he said. "I've said that I'm averse to it, especially in horror films. But the approach was so different and so unique that I was really intrigued. It was fun."

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