Mike Posner Opens Up In 'No Room For Rockstars' Clip

Mike Posner is a busy man. That's what you're left with after this clip from the upcoming rock-doc, "No Room for Rockstars."

The documentary, which is premiering at the independent film festival Slamdance, brings viewers an in-depth look behind the scenes of the Vans Warped Tour and the many musicians playing on it.

The crew on "No Room for Rockstars" shot over 300 hours of footage in order to portray exactly what it's like as a touring musicians these days and to get a sense of what the alternative music scene is like today in general.

For Posner's portion of the documentary, the singer opens up about what his home life is like and what touring means for him. The Warped gave him the unique opportunity to play 30 minute shows and then run off to the next gig. The clip gives a real sense of the on-your-toes lifestyle that the Warped Tour performers live while they're moving around the country.

The documentary attempts to look at the Warped Tour from all angles, not just from the point of view of the many performing acts. The film also follows the stage managers who live for the tour, as well as, the young musicians who play out of vans in the parking lot, hoping that someone will hear them and give them their big break.

"No Room for Rockstars" will be out this spring.

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