Sundance Today: Peter Jackson, Elijah Wood And More


There are few good reasons to be at Newark airport at 4AM on a Thursday morning. One of those good reasons: flying out to the Sundance Film Festival, which kicked off in earnest this week. The MTV Movies team is on the ground in Park City, Utah, to talk to your favorite stars and get the inside scoop on what's sure to be some of the hottest indie projects of the coming months.

Getting here was not easy. Refer back to the aforementioned 4AM role call at Newark. (Admittedly, I was the only one on the team who showed up that early for a 7AM flight, but leave me alone I get nervous). We rolled in at approximately 10AM mountain time and waited an additional two hours before we could even leave the airport. (We'll spare you the details.) Bellies were empty, tempers were hot, and naps were not in our immediate future. In short, a recipe for conflict.

But if there's anything the Movies team excels at, it's conflict resolution — especially where barbecue from Bandits is involved. (Deputy managing editor Eric Ditzian swears by the tri-tip steak sandwich, while managing editor and correspondent Josh Horowitz has probably had enough barbecue chicken salad to last him eight lifetimes.)

Voracious BBQ consumption aside, we're also here at Sundance to chat up some of your favorite actors and filmmakers. Today's our first full day of interviews, and the lineup does not disappoint.

Up first is "Hobbit" director Peter Jackson, who is taking a break from Middle-earth to come to Park City in support of his powerful documentary "West of Memphis." We're also chatting with Andy Samberg, Rashida Jones, Emma Roberts and Elijah Wood, all starring together in the dramedy "Celeste and Jesse Forever," making its grand debut here at Sundance. Throw "Wish You Were Here" hotties Teresa Palmer and Joel Edgerton into the mix, and it's safe to say that today's lineup of interviews is more than a little bit stacked.

We'll keep you posted with more tweets, photos, blogs and news scoops than you can handle, so make sure to tune in right here as the MTV Movies team continues to watch (and eat) our way through Sundance.

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