MTV Movie Brawl 2012 Final Round: 'Hunger Games' Vs. 'Cosmopolis'

It began with 32 movies. Five additional films entered the fray through the Wild Card round. Several weeks and head-to-head battles later, it all comes down to two: "Cosmopolis" versus "The Hunger Games."

In one corner is the Robert Pattinson-starring thriller about one extremely bad day in Manhattan. In the other, the story of a young woman forced to take extreme measures to protect herself and the people she loves. One film an underdog in this competition, the other a frontrunner from the very beginning. Both have had extraordinary arcs throughout the MTV Movie Brawl 2012, but only one can walk away with the title of can't-miss movie of the year.

The Movie Brawl's final round is open for voting until 5PM EST on Monday (January 23). Only then will we finally know which movie stands at the top of the heap in the brawl for it all!