'Game Of Thrones' Season 2 Battle Scenes Will 'Not Disappoint,' Says Peter Dinklage

Although our beloved "Game of Thrones" didn't take home the top prize for Best Drama at the Golden Globes on Sunday, we can be very happy for the continued support and recognition of Best Supporting Actor winner Peter Dinklage. People should get used to seeing him win awards actually, because as long as the series continues, he will very likely be blowing our minds with his brilliant portrayal of Tyrion Lannister.

MTV News was lucky enough to attend HBO's fancy Globes after-party Sunday night at which we encountered Dinklage and his bright, shiny new award. After offering our sincerest congratulations, we asked him how much battle action Tyrion will be seeing next season, particularly with regard to that little event at Blackwater...

"I think there were some fans that were disappointed that the end of the first season there wasn't a battle. We do not disappoint this season," Dinklage promised. "I think my character steps to the front in terms of fighting."

Dinklage went on to say that there will also be plenty of his oft-quoted verbal sparring scenes with his "sweet sister" Cersei, though he of course wouldn't go into any great detail about what those scenes will entail.

"Yes, I have three sparring partners. Lena Headey, Sibel Kekilli who plays Shae and Jerome Flynn who plays Bronn. I really should have thanked them in my [acceptance] speech, so I'm thanking them now with MTV. They're just three of the greatest actors one is lucky enough to work with, Lena especially."

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