Ewan McGregor And Eva Green Fall In Love In New 'Perfect Sense' Featurette

Ewan McGregor and Eva Green charmed audiences in their apocalyptic love story "Perfect Sense" at Sundance a year ago, and IFC Films ended up picking up the rights to the movie soon after. The film is currently available on SundanceNOW and Cable VOD, and it's finally headed into theaters on February 3. Ahead of that, MTV News got our hands on an exclusive featurette of the project in anticipation of its release.

The movie tells the story of two strangers brought together in the middle of a worldwide epidemic. Michael (McGregor) is a chef and Susan (Green) is a scientist who meet at the same time she is discovering that there is a new illness that emphasizes emotions while destroying the senses. Both of them contract the disease at the same time and it brings them closer together. They end up falling in love while they struggle to live with rampaging emotions and their loss of senses.

"I think it’s a beautiful story that has far-reaching consequences and appeals," director David Mackenzie says in the featurette. The central core of the story is that unattached people will come together when placed in a crisis, and "there’s something very beautiful about that," he said.

The featurette includes an interview with Green at last year's Sundance where she talks about what drew her to the project. Apparently it was the unique qualities of the script that made her want to come on board.

"This script was very particular, it was very unconventional, very brave, and very moving," Green said. "I thought it was a really cool story, and also I found the love story very powerful."

"Perfect Sense" is currently available on SundanceNOW, VOD, Amazon Streaming, iTunes, XBox ZUNE and PS3 Video Unlimited.

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