Andy Serkis Promises Smaug Will Be 'Extraordinary' In 'The Hobbit'

There really is nothing more delightful than an encounter with Andy Serkis. He is just so darn humble and nice, not to mention spectacularly talented. Our latest run-in with the "Tintin" and "Rise Of The Planet of the Apes" actor was at the Golden Globes which Serkis was attending in support of "Tintin," which took home the trophy for Best Animated Film (How much did you love the fact that director Steven Spielberg gave Serkis a special shout-out in his acceptance speech, by the way?)

While we could have spent plenty of time talking with Serkis about his most recently celebrated characters (Captain Haddock and Caesar, respectively) we couldn't ignore the fact that he's currently flexing familiar precious muscles as Gollum for the filming of Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit," so we rolled the dice and asked Serkis for his thoughts on the infamous and evil Smaug.

"Oh I can't give any secrets away," Serkis said immediately upon hearing the question. We followed up with a slightly different angle and asked whether Jackson and Co. have created a whole new type of dragon or if they're staying within the boundaries of common fantasy fiction and mythology. Basically, have they reinvented the dragon or what?

Serkis offered us his non-answer/deflection via an unintelligible sentence comprised of nonsense words. "I can't say that," he protested, returning to English. "Because its still under wraps, it's still a secret character that is closely safe-guarded and is still in the design process."

He did also promise that fans will not be disappointed when they see him.

"With an actor like Benedict Cumberbatch playing him, it will be extraordinary," Serkis said.

What do you hope Smaug looks like? Classic dragon or a reinvention? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter!

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