Exclusive 'Chronicle' Clip: What Every High School Guy Would Do With Superpowers

It's time we moved past the whole "With great power comes great responsibility" thing. It totally ruins all the fun you could have with superpowers.

In "Chronicle," a new found-footage film about three teenage boys who acquire superpowers, we learn what happens when superheroes forget responsibility and focus more on having a good time.

Also, it's basically what every guy you knew in high school would do if he and his buddies got powers.

Michael B. Jordan, Dane DeHaan and Alex Russell play the three high school student who mysterious earn the ability to move objects with their minds. (A quick Google search tells them this is called "telekinesis.") In the clip above, the guys play around with their new abilities, some yard equipment and an unlucky girl's skirt.

Over the course of the movie, the gang's powers advance, and so do their egos. As they drift further and further toward super villain territory, Uncle Ben's old adage proves wiser and wiser.

Though the film doesn't hit theaters until next month, "Chronicle" has already started to generate the right kind of buzz. The makers of the film previewed some footage for journalists in LA a few weeks ago, and the response was generally positive.

And just today, Variety reported that director Josh Trank is now the front runner to reboot the "Fantastic Four" franchise. Moves like these, weeks before the film's release, are usually signs of good things to come and confidence from the studio.

"Chronicle" flies into theaters on February 3.

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