'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Set Visit: Meet Benjamin Walker, President And Hero

Visiting the set of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is not unlike stepping into an elaborate joke. There's the Oval Office, Congress, a guy in a top hat and a beard... carrying an axe and fighting a vampire. It's a little bit more out there than Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" biopic, to say the least.

Speaking to MTV in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, Benjamin Walker, who plays the reimagined Lincoln, downplayed the departure.

"He's the Abraham Lincoln we know; he's the hero," he told us. "In this context, he is also an action hero."

Walker certainly looks the part. Discussing the casting process, producer Jim Lemley said there was never any doubt. "Finding Abraham Lincoln is arguably the most complicated and difficult thing to do," he said. "Ben Walker came in and stood in front of us dressed as up as Abraham Lincoln and delivered the Gettsyburg Address and you just believed he wrote it. It was a no-brainer."

Director Timur Bekmambetov, best known for absurdist action movies like "Wanted" and "Day Watch," swiftly agreed. "I think he's not Benjamin Walker anymore, he's Abraham Lincoln now," he said. "I even forgot how he looks in real life."

The rest of the clip mixes dialogue-less clips, plot description, and slightly backhanded lauding of Bekmambetov. (He's compared to an enthusiastic six-year-old.) Anthony Mackie, who plays Lincoln's valet, features prominently in the background. According to Walker, "They're good friends and they've grown up in this time period of America." It was simplified by Mackie, who said, "It's kind of like 48 Hours."

"Vampire Hunter" comes out this summer.

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