Ricky Gervais: Countdown Of His Best Golden Globes Jokes

Let's not pretend that Rickey Gervais was his old, flame-throwing self on Sunday night at the 2012 Golden Globes. He left his scorching commentary, vicious jokes and devil-may-care hilariousness in 2011, and instead delivered a funny performance that left most feathers unruffled, all egos in tact, and many viewers disappointed.

Yet Gervais on a so-so night still makes for an entertaining experience. He called Colin Firth, arguably the nicest man on Earth, a racist puppy puncher. He compared the Globes to Kim Kardashian: loud, trashy, drunk and easily bought. He questioned Justin Bieber's manhood. Good times, all.

Over at MTV Movies, Ryan J. Downey counted down the host's finest moments of the evening. So check out his full list of Rickey Gervais' best Golden Globes jokes now!

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