Chloe Moretz Calls 'Dark Shadows' 'Revolutionary'

On the red carpet for the People's Choice Awards, Chloe Moretz took some time off from teasing "Kick-Ass 2" news to explain why "Dark Shadows" will be the movie to see this year.

"Because it has everything. It has a little bit of camp," Moretz said. "It has a little bit of danger. It has the supernatural features, vampires, witches, all the fun stuff."

So far, "Dark Shadows" has done more than enough to convince fans it's a movie worth seeing. The Tim Burton-directed adaptation of the cult classic soap opera pulled off a stunning upset victory over "The Amazing Spider-Man" in the first round of MTV Movie Brawl 2012. It will certainly face some stiff competition from a man who knows a thing or two about shadows, when "Dark Shadows" goes head-to-head with "The Dark Knight Rises" in the next round.

Moretz explained that since "Dark Shadows" brings so much to the table, it will naturally play well to both older and younger crowds. "I think also it's open to the older group that actually saw the TV show back in the 1970s," she said. "And also the new group that love Tim Burton, and they love supernatural movies and TV shows."

Though we haven't seen much from the set in the way of photos or trailers, the first official snap shot of the cast promised the signature Burton look with a cast of all-stars. Moretz took her praise one step further, when she said that it's not like much else we've ever seen.

"I think it really is a revolutionary movie," she said.

"Dark Shadows" opens on May 12.

Be sure to cast your vote in MTV Movie Brawl 2012 to secure "Dark Shadows" spot in the next round or ensure its defeat against the Batman.

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