Robert Downey Jr. Expresses Interest In Tim Burton's 'Pinocchio'


Only two days after Tim Burton announced that he would like Robert Downey Jr. to be the puppeteer Geppetto in his upcoming live-action "Pinocchio" film, the "Iron Man" and "The Avengers" star has confirmed that he would be interested in the role. In other parts of the internet, Television Without Pity's annual "Movies Without Pity" awards show is starting up, Rob Marshall has started talking "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" and Daniel Radcliffe's promo reel for this week's "Saturday Night Live" has us cracking up.

It's January 11, and you're here for today's daily news round-up.

Robert Downey Jr. Game For "Pinocchio"?

It was pretty big news earlier this week when Tim Burton said he was considering directing a live-action version of "Pinocchio" and that he would want Robert Downey Jr. for the role of Geppetto, so it's no surprise that Downey Jr. heard about it. Omelete caught up with the "Iron Man" actor at the Brazilian premiere of "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows," where he said he was definitely intrigued by the role. "I want to talk to him about it, yeah!" Downey Jr. said. "C'mon, it's Tim Burton."

Second Annual "Movies Without Pity Awards" Gear Up

Based on the way you've all been busy voting in the MTV Movie Brawl 2012, we figure you all appreciate a good fan-voted awards show. Television Without Pity is starting their second annual "Movies Without Pity Awards" this week, and voting will run through February 12. With categories like "Best Cast In the Worst Movie" and "Least Convincing Screen Couple," how can we resist tossing our vote into the pot?

Rob Marshall To Tackle "Into The Woods"

Rob Marshall's latest cinematic outing, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," might have been a big-budget action movie, but the director made a name for himself helming big screen musical adaptations. His next project is going to be an adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's classic "Into the Woods," which will follow in the footsteps of previous Marshall Broadway adaptations "Chicago" and "Nine." The Hollywood Reporter has learned that Lapine is already working on writing a script for this new film, which Marshall expects to have new songs from Sondheim.

...He's Also Thinking About "Pirates 5"

Even though he's gearing up to work on "Into the Woods," Marshall is also thinking about his other Disney commitment: the fifth "Pirates of the Caribbean" film. "Terry [Rossio] is writing it and he’s working incredibly hard and he did a draft and rethought it all and started working on it again," Marshall told THR. "I know Johnny feels the same way: He needs to see a script, but he would be happy -- if it’s the right script -- to put that hat and sword back on."

A New International Poster Debuts For "John Carter"

Andromeda High has posted the newest international poster for "John Carter." The film's promotion is no longer trying to shirk from the fact that this is going to be a CGI-heavy production with lots and lots of aliens, and we're totally okay with that. Better that than audiences going in thinking the movie is about mostly humanoids like the first trailer seemed to suggest.

Daniel Radcliffe's "Saturday Night Live" Promos Premiere

Sure, these aren't as funny as Daniel Radcliffe punching Josh Horowitz in the face (here's a GIF to prove our point) but we could listen to him saying, "Chill broseph, I like Mountain Dew and big butts!" in an American accent all day long.

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