'Woman In Black' Poster Warns To 'Fear Her Curse'

There's less than a month until we'll have the pleasure to be absolutely terrified by see Daniel Radcliffe make his first post-"Harry Potter" film debut in "The Woman in Black," and we couldn't be more excited. Judging by your passionate response in the MTV Movie Brawl 2012, we're guessing that most of you feel the same way. That's why we're pretty stoked that a new poster for the flick has made its way to the web.

Empire got their hands on the new image, which places Radcliffe front and center. Though he has a variety of prestigious costars -- from Ciaran Hinds to Janet McTeer -- it's been nice to see that his involvement is the selling point of the movie. We're going to make the assumption that his character, a father and lawyer named Arthur Kipps, has taken many steps away from "Potter" judging by this image and the previous trailers released.

An earlier UK quad that was released featured the tagline "Do you believe in ghosts?" Now four and a half months later, the flick is going a different route. Instead of asking if we believe ghosts exist, the new quad is warner we should "fear her curse." This elusive woman in black does not seem like a very nice lady.

At least both of these posters are better than the one featuring a photo of two babies with their eyes gouged out of it, and then the tagline "What did they see?" That one was absolutely terrifying.

"The Woman in Black" is directed by James Watkins and hits theaters on February 3.

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