'The Grey' Exclusive Clip: Liam Neeson Faces The Wild

You're about to watch an exclusive clip from Liam Neeson's upcoming thriller, "The Grey." This time, he's not fighting terrorists who've kidnapped his daughter or an identity thief, but something far more immutable: the wilderness itself.

A group of men are stranded in Alaska following a plane crash, and Neeson's the leader who must bring them back to civilization. While trekking through the unknown, they're forced to use their intelligence to survive the threats of the wild: wolves, and lots of them.

In the clip, Neeson and his partner are standing over a cliff, contemplating the fall below them. "You go," Neeson says to the other man, who polishes his glasses before slipping over the edge and onto a sagging trip line connecting him to some unseen surface in the distance. While struggling to maintain position, he turns his head for a brief moment and then watches his glasses fall off into the abyss (in slow motion, of course).

Film talk for a second: the muted colors look beautiful, and the whole interaction is nicely underscored by the wind, which obscures the dialogue with a relentless whoosh. It feels like you're in Alaska, basically. At the very least, "The Grey" will definitely be more than just an easy punch line about "that movie where Liam Neeson fights a wolf." (Though he does fight a wolf, never forget that.)

The movie arrives in theaters on January 27.

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