Daniel Radcliffe Goes Rogue In 'American Talk: Ghost Protocol'

We're going to be up front with you right now: the main reason you should watch the latest After Hours, "American Talk: Ghost Protocol," is because you get to see Daniel Radcliffe punch MTV News' Josh Horowitz as hard as he can. Though Radcliffe has survived several incarnations of the show in the past, we felt he needed yet another challenge to prove that the "Harry Potter" star is certifiably American.

So strap on your Captain America mask and pull your American flag snuggie closer around you, because this time, things get serious.

We'll forgive Radcliffe for trying to suggest that James K. Polk is a better American president than Bill Pullman in "Independence Day" and for not knowing the lyrics for Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" off the top of his head because at least he could name all four installments of America's "quintessential" film series, "The Twilight Saga." Plus, as we previously mentioned, he did pull a "Fight Club" and hit Horowitz as hard as he could. Little did we know that Radcliffe had such a mean right hook!

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