MTV Movie Brawl 2012: 'Hunger Games' Vs. 'Prometheus'

Hunger GamesThe MTV Movie Brawl 2012 is officially on! After the initial play-in and wild card rounds, 16 films have been selected to compete in a series of head-to-head single elimination matches in our March Madness-style bracket. In the end, only one of these flicks can be crowned the can't-miss movie of the year, and the choice is entirely up to YOU. Which movie will win the brawl for it all? Vote at MTV Movies Blog and make your choice known!

Two heroines enter the ring on day two of the MTV Movie Brawl 2012's Sweet 16. In one corner, bow and arrow in hand, is Katniss Everdeen. Opposite her is the currently more mysterious Elizabeth Shaw, a scientist searching for the secrets of the universe. Both powerful figures, no doubt, but only one of them will escape the arena with their respective movie still competing in the brawl for it all.

(1) "The Hunger Games" Vs. (8) "Prometheus"

After an astonishing round one performance that stopped just short of receiving the highest amount of votes, "The Hunger Games" is well positioned as a favorite in this competition. Legions of tributes have rallied behind the upcoming adaptation as their must-see movie of 2012 — it certainly doesn't hurt that "Hunger Games" is all about competition to begin with. Besting this juggernaut is no easy task. But don't discount Ridley Scott's long awaited return to the science fiction realm with a film that most likely is connected to "Alien" in some way, shape or form. With a stellar cast led by Noomi Rapace, Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender, "Prometheus" could start quite the fire here and take "Hunger Games" out much earlier than expected.

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