MTV Movie Brawl 2012: 'Dark Shadows' Vs. 'Amazing Spider-Man'

Dark ShadowsThe MTV Movie Brawl 2012 is officially on! After the initial play-in and wild card rounds, 16 films have been selected to compete in a series of head-to-head single elimination matches in our March Madness-style bracket. In the end, only one of these flicks can be crowned the can't-miss movie of the year, and the choice is entirely up to YOU. Which movie will win the brawl for it all? Vote at MTV Movies Blog and make your choice known!

It's Spider-Man versus a bat man, but this isn't a superhero showdown. This is an all-out fight to the finish between Tim Burton's latest collaboration with his go-to leading man and the return of one of the most famous New Yorkers of all time.

(7) "The Amazing Spider-Man" vs. (2) "Dark Shadows"

It's an unlikely battle, but only one movie will leave standing. Will it be Andrew Garfield's debut as your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? Or will it be Johnny Depp as the vampiric patriarch in this big-screen adaptation of the classic soap opera? Superhero flicks have struggled throughout the play-in round, and the power of Depp is hard to deny. It's up to you to decide whether you're more excited for swinging around the New York skyline or the occasional Captain Jack drinking something a little bit deadlier than rum.

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