Angelina Jolie's 'Maleficent' Gets New Director

Angelina Jolie

"The Bourne Legacy" finally gets a teaser poster to reinforce the fact that this isn't Matt Damon's franchise any more. In other news, the celebrity announcer for the Oscar nominations is, err, announced, "Maleficent" gets a new director and Kiefer Sutherland reveals new details about the long-anticipated "24" movie.

It's January 9, and you're here for today's daily news round-up.

"The Bourne Legacy" Gets A Teaser Poster

Only a few days after the first image from "The Bourne Legacy" hit the web, a basic teaser poster has hit as well. All it really highlights is the fact that Jeremy Renner will be starring in the flick instead of Matt Damon, but doesn't offer any sort of look at what the movie will be beyond the tagline "Prepare for the unexpected." Hopefully Universal will come up with a bit stronger marketing campaign as we get closer to "The Bourne Legacy's" August 3 release date.

Jennifer Lawrence To Announce Oscar Nominations

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has revealed that Jennifer Lawrence will be announcing the 2012 Oscar nominations alongside Academy president Tom Sherak. The event will take place on January 24. Lawrence was an Oscar nominee last year for "Winter's Bone," and is also in the highly anticipated 2012 film "The Hunger Games." In 2011, Lawrence starred in "Like Crazy," "The Beaver" and "X-Men: First Class."

"Maleficent" Gets A Director

Tim Burton might not be helming the upcoming "Sleeping Beauty" spin-off "Maleficent," but Disney has hired the next best thing. Deadline learned the studio has tapped "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland" production designer Robert Stromberg to direct the project as his directorial debut. Though he might not have directing experience, at least Stromberg does have a good eye for filmmaking. He won Oscars for his art direction of both previously mentioned films. "Maleficent" is still being developed as a starring vehicle for Angelina Jolie.

"The Devil Inside" Director Heads To "The Vatican"

After "The Devil Inside's" big opening weekend, Warner Bros has turned to its director William Brent Bell to helm their film "The Vatican." Deadline reports the film is staying within the religious horror genre, and is merging a traditional narrative with "found footage" sequences. No word yet on when the film is set to hit theaters, but apparently it's on the fast track to production.

Kiefer Sutherland Reveals More "24" Movie Details

Forgive us for growing a bit skeptical about TV-to-film adaptations, but it's hard to remain hyped for projects that have been in gestation for literally years. So when Kiefer Sutherland tells TV Line that the "24" movie is set to start filming in late April or early May, we're trying to stop ourselves from getting too excited, especially because the flick doesn't have a director and no one beyond Sutherland has said they'll be reprising their roles from the show. Sutherland did say that the movie will be jumping in time by about six months, and the movie will take place over a 24 hour period like the show did.

"Les Miserables" Synopsis Revealed

Universal has revealed the official synopsis for their "Les Miserables" movie starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Anne Hathaway. "Set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, 'Les Misérables' tells an enthralling story of broken dreams and unrequited love, passion, sacrifice and redemption–a timeless testament to the survival of the human spirit. Jackman plays ex-prisoner Jean Valjean, hunted for decades by the ruthless policeman Javert (Crowe) after he breaks parole. When Valjean agrees to care for factory worker Fantine’s (Hathaway) young daughter, Cosette, their lives change forever," it reads. Note that there's no mention of Taylor Swift, Amanda Seyfried or Sacha Baron Cohen, all of whom are up for roles. Tom Hooper is directing the flick, which is out December 7.

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