David Cross Teases The 'Increasingly' Finite Decisions Of 'Todd Margaret'

If you're ever feeling down about yourself, thinking that you just can't get anything right, everything you do leads to some disaster, and every disaster leads to an even worse catastrophe… well, just look on the bright side. At least you're not Todd Margaret.

David Cross is the co-creator and star of "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret," the IFC comedy series that returns for its second season on Friday (January 6) at 10:30 PM ET. Cross plays the titular Todd, a bumbling American sent to England with the impossible task of selling Thunder Muscle, a toxic energy drink that's hazardous for your health, especially in the hands of terrorists (which, at the moment, it is).

David Cross talks "Todd Margaret," premiering January 6!

Todd goes through faux pas after faux pas as he butchers English culture, insults the disabled community, and causes great bodily harm to himself and others in an effort not just to avoid the wrath of his foul-mouthed boss Brent Wilts (played by Cross' old "Arrested Development" co-star Will Arnett), but also to win the heart of Alice (Sharon Horgan), a local café owner with a passion for gastronomy. Todd's increasingly poor decisions also owe thanks to the mischievous Dave (Blake Harrison), his partner in Thunder Muscle-selling crime who may or may not have a darker agenda of his own.

"It's a serialized show," Cross told MTV News of "Todd Margaret" during a recent interview. "It's got a beginning, middle and end. Every episode takes place the next day and there's a finite [conclusion] to the story. It's not open ended. There's no reset button. If you come in randomly and see episode six, it's not going to make sense. Definitely, you want to watch this in order."

In other words, "Todd Margaret" is moving towards an ending with this second season, all the more reason to pay attention to what's come before. As Cross suggests, there's a lot more than meets the eye on this gut-busting (and often stomach-churning) comedy with a mythology of almost "Lost"-ian proportions, minus the smoke monsters and parallel universes (so far).

"It's a comedy but the story is pretty crazy," said Cross. "It's about this guy who finds himself with an opportunity to bluff his way into a position in the UK, a place he's never been -- he's never been outside of Portland, Oregon -- to go the UK subsidiary of this company that sells energy drinks. What you learn, not immediately, but what you start to figure out around [late season one is] ... how to watch it, that there's a bit of mystery to it, and not everything is as it appears. All of that stuff is answered in season two."

Indeed, within the first episodes of "Todd Margaret's" second season, some of the biggest mysteries of the first season are addressed in very revelatory ways… and some new mysteries begin to emerge, as well. No spoilers here, but let's just say fans who loved the first season of "Todd Margaret" are in for a treat when the new season pops open a tab of Thunder Muscle this Friday (January 6).

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