'Doctor Who' Actor Noel Clarke Joins 'Star Trek 2'

Noel Clarke

From "Doctor Who" to "Star Trek," actor Noel Clarke is boldly going where he's never gone before. Matthew Fox, meanwhile, lines up a big return to an island (but not the one that you might think), Patricia Arquette is ready to play the mom of a late, great folk singer, "Inferno" sets about acquiring some new acting talent, and Taylor Swift could soon be singing on the big screen.

Today is January 4, and you're tuning into today's casting call.

"Doctor Who" Actor Books A "Trek"

British actor Noel Clarke of "Doctor Who" and "Centurion" fame is the latest actor to beam aboard J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" sequel. Variety reports that Clarke will play "a family man with a wife and young daughter." Not exactly specific, but we'll take it!

Matthew Fox Returns To The Island In "Emperor"

This island is a bit easier to find than the one in "LOST," though. Matthew Fox will be toplining Peter Webber's upcoming Japan-set political thriller "Emperor," Variety reports. He'll play General Bonner Fellers, one of General Douglas MacArthur's leading Japanese experts who is tasked with deciding if Japan's Emperor Hirohito should be tried and hanged as a warm criminal in post-World War II. The film will also follow his love affair with a Japanese exchange student he met in the US years before and his quest to find her in post-war Japan.

Patricia Arquette Joins Jake Scott's Jeff Buckley Film

Variety has learned that Patricia Arquette is the latest actress to have joined Jake Scott's untitled biopic about the life of the late Jeff Buckley. She'll play Mary Guibert, the mother of Buckley. Variety says her appearance amounts to a cameo, as she'll be seen in both flashbacks and present-day scenes where she convinces her son to attend his father's 1991 tribute concert, "Greetings From Tim Buckley." The film stars "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" star Reeve Carvey as Jeff Buckley.

Adam Goldberg Heads To The "Inferno"

Not to be outdone by yesterday's news that "Lovelace" had acquired Demi Moore and Adam Brody, the competing Linda Lovelace biopic "Inferno" has some casting news of its own. Variety is reporting that the Matthew Wilder-directed film is in final negotiations with Adam Goldberg to play Lovelace's "Deep Throat" costar Harry Reems -- the same character Brody will be playing in "Lovelace." "Inferno" stars Malin Akerman as Lovelace, as well as Matt Dillon, Sasha Grey and Paz de la Huerta.

Tom Weston-Jones To Star In BBC America's First Original Scripted Show

Deadline is reporting that "MI-5" actor Tom Weston-Jones had landed the lead role in "Copper," the first BBC America original scripted series. Franka Potente of "The Bourne Identity" and Tessa Thompson of "For Colored Girls" will join him in the project. The series follows a young Irish cop in 19th century New York who operates in the city's immigrant communities. Potente will play a woman who runs a brothel and has a "layered relationship" with the cop. Thompson will portray a doctor's wife whose brothers were lynched by Irishmen and who will "do what she has to do to protect her own."

Taylor Swift And Anne Hathaway To "Les Miserables"?

Don't you fret, fans of "Les Miserables," because you won't feel any pain if these two actresses are cast in the musical's upcoming big screen adaptation. Taylor Swift and Amanda Seyfried have reportedly been offered the roles of Eponine and Cosette respectively in the upcoming movie. If cast, they'll be joining the likes of Hugh Jackman, Anne Hathaway, Russell Crowe and Helena Bonham Carter in the film.

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